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Feel the Light (divine love)

This is a light project.
A shining plan for the soul.

Also this is Angel Julie’s life work.

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The Book of Angels-天使の書

World of Creations – Follow my heart by Angel Julie

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ABOUT Rosarium of Philosophers
Rosarium of Philosophers -Alchemists- by Angel Julie means the world of following her heart and the world of creations and the real rose garden by Angel Julie and Rosarium of Philisophers gallery, studio, shop.

About Rose:
The Rose symbolizes Ascension.
If you rearrange the spelling of Rose, it will mean Kundalini (Note: this is my original interpretation).
Kundalini is the energy of divine love that flows when a person ascends.

Angel Julie has met Jung’s psychology since she was a teenager, and read and study Jung’s books on dream analysis, archetypes, alchemy, etc.
The theme of her life “Relief and Rebirth of the Soul” comes from these studies.


Music by Angel Julie

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Angel Crystal Art -Prayer-

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The Book of Angels – 天使の書-since 2017

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Self portrait
Portrait of a photographer/videographer shooting with the eyes of the heart under Altered state of consciousness.
Portrait seen from the scene of the heart.
I overlook me.
The world of the mind is embodied in the real world, and the two worlds are integrated.
And I will be me.
so I am what I am.

Love and Peace
Copyright(c) JULIE

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