Metal Days 🎸 1st May 2023.

About photos
My 348 photo works passed the screening and have been published on the world-class photo submission screening sites since I started challenging in 2019.
The original goal was 300 works, and I have now achieved that goal.
So I started selling data (Business only).
The photo portfolio site has also been redesigned to make it simple to see a lot of photos.
Please feel free to contact us.

In addition, in music activities, I am currently distributing 4 singles from my new album ‘Vita Nuova Project’.

After an intense experience at the end of 2015, many things happened to me and I couldn’t play my original songs the way I used to.
I felt very sad.
Until then, I had worked so hard to make songs and practiced them.
Because I got shocked, I lost my emotions at that time.
I couldn’t watch my previous music videos until 2020.
However, I loved guitar so much and it was my life to play guitar, so I restarted the guitar from scratch.
What can be done in about 20 minutes took four hours to practice.
I practiced for 4 hours or more every day.
I even forgot how to hold my pick, so I practiced until my joints swelled up.
After playing a cover of Yngwie’s Rising Force, I started practicing my own original songs.
My goal was to catch up and overtake myself of 2015.

One of the goals of the new album is for me to make a full recovery through rehabilitation.
Currently, 4 singles from the new album are being distributed.
Recently, I strongly felt that I was able to make a full comeback, so the next 5th single will be the final single from this album.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who supported me.

Best Regards
Angel Julie

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