Soul Work

I’m a Heavy Metal Guitarist and Fine art photographer.
These are the work of my soul.

Copyright(c) Angel Julie

On 11th Nov.2015, I bought a YJM Strat signature model fender guitar by mysterious guidance.
After that, various experiences led the guitarist to recognize it as the soul work.
Moreover the photographer too.

I have been doing music activities with the concept “Feel the Light” since 2015, and I will start Chapter 3 of “Relief and Rebirth of the Soul” from November 11, 2021.
Chapter 3 is what I learned from my own experience.
It attempts the first chapter with a different approach and moreover continues the second chapter.

Note: I have nothing more to say about this Chapter 3.
In Chapters 1 and 2, the content of my work, artist statements and projects, were stolen by a few spiritual business people and used in their business.
Even though those acts are prohibited !!

Also, what I am doing is not something that can be easily done with just a moment of energy healing or meditation.
I am devoting myself to the production, and I spend a lot of effort and time.
It’s my life.

Copyright(c) Angel Julie

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