Rosarium of Philosophers

Rosarium of Philosophers
Independent record label, Gallery, Private[music]studio since 2011
[Ex:Studio Angel Julie 2016-2020/07]-
[Ex:Gallery Phenomena, J’s Phenomenon(Label) since 2011]

Space design, Photgraphed by JULIE

Inquiry about Music by Angel Julie, following Art Works and Photographs and etc.:

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Open only online [~2020]
Introducing works that are actually exhibited in Rosarium of Philosophers [ex:Studio Angel Julie] with photos and videos.

Syuutro.K Photo Exhibition -OKINAWA- from Sep. 2018
Syuutaro.K Portfolio site

JULIE Photo Exhibition -Monochrome Vo.1- from Sep. 2018
JULIE Portfolio site:

Angel Julie (ex-Julie Kitamura) Permanent Exhibition [oil paintings] from Jun.2016
Angel Julie [ex-Julie Kitamura]’s oil paintings, Profile – see more

“Far Beyond The Sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen


Space designed and All Photographed by JULIE