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Independent record label
since 2011

[Ex:Studio Angel Julie 2016-2020/07]-
[Ex:Gallery Phenomena, J’s Phenomenon(Label) since 2011]

Space design, Photgraphed by JULIE

Inquiry about Music by Angel Julie, following Art Works and Photographs and etc.:

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Open only online [2020〜]
Introducing works that are actually exhibited in Rosarium of Philosophers [ex:Studio Angel Julie] with photos and videos.


Syuutaro.K-Fine Art Photographer

Syuutaro.K is a photographer who mainly shoots nature and landscapes.
Published on Fine Art Portugal, Podiumfoto

His photographic works are sold online as prints.
Please feel free to contact us.

Portfolio site
Syuutaro.K Portfolio site

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Syuutaro.K official site

Syuutro.K Photo Exhibition -OKINAWA- from Sep. 2018

Angel Julie-Fine Art Photographer


In 2018, She changed from an oil painter to a photographer.

Artist Statement
Fine Art photography that attempts to construct beauty by making full use of her own experience and sensibility as an oil painter in the past.
[Rose series (décadence – Aestheticism ) :
Aesthetic Art Photography ‘Rosarium of Philosophers’]

Published on 1X, Fine Art Portugal, Podiumfoto.
1X awarded photographer

Awarded Photography

Portfolio site
Angel Julie Portfolio site

JULIE Photo Exhibition -Monochrome Vo.1- from Sep. 2018

“Far Beyond The Sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen


Space designed and All Photographed by JULIE