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Feel the Light (divine love)
since 2015
by Angel Julie

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Feel the Light (divine love)
【divine love: Great Nature, Sanctuary of the soul】

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-Divine Love-
Great Nature, Sanctuary of the soul

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The state of the soul called Twin Ray exists in the sanctuary of the soul.

What is Twin Ray?
Two people with the same soul who live while sharing their hearts.
The two of Twin Ray are awakened by kundalini.
A mechanism in which love circulates 24 hours a day and keeps the vibration high by the natural flow of kundalini energy.
Twin Rays always talk telepathically with each other.
The two of Twin Ray are connected by true love, respect and trust.
Their consciousness is multidimensional, but they live hard reality.
Also those who are awakened by the kundalini are sensitive to ego and see through lies.

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