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Rosarium of Philosophers Project
Feel the Light (divine love)
since 2015
by Angel Julie

Angel Julie:
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Feel the Light (divine love)
【divine love: Sanctuary of the soul, Great nature 】

~Sanctuary of the soul~
Through various experiences I have lived so far, I finally arrived at Feel the light ( divine love ).

Feel the light ( divine love) :
This is not an image by meditation or creation.
It is due to my own actual experience.
So this is my very important concept and experience.
It has a special meaning to me.
Angel Julie

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-Divine Love-
Great Nature, Sanctuary of the soul

Copyright(c) Angel Julie

The secret of the soul by Angel Julie

Sanctuary of the soul is Secret of the soul.
It should not be published.
To protect the truth.
Only those who have experienced it know.

アーティスト・ステイトメント、コンセプトは、私 Angel Julie が長年に渡る研究と自身の経験で築き上げたもの・概念であり著作物です。


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