My life

My life collapsed once several years ago.

So I’ve been rebuilding my life for several years, and finally the foundation is complete.

Copyright ©️ Angel Julie

As a guitarist, I was able to re-release my 9 original guitar solo songs from the past under the name of Angel Julie, and releasing of new songs, new music videos too by practicing the guitar every day.

Copyright ©️ Angel Julie

As a photographer, my photos have published on 1X, Fine Art Portugal and Podiumfoto more than 100 in total, (Currently 21 published on 1X. I had tried about 230 photos to get the first published photography on 1X, So I could learn more.)

As a guitarist and a photographer, I will continue to humbly devote myself every day.
I really love music, guitar🎸 and photography 📸

(I’m not competing with anyone and I’m not interested in that.
That will not change in the future.
It was important for me to get over me in the past. )

Beautiful life🌹
Angel Julie


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