Aura protection and Chakra healing

Aura protection and Chakra remote healing

Chakra Clearing, Adjustment, Protection, DNA Activation

Normal course:
7 chakras-from root chakra to crown chakra-

Awakening course:
13 chakras -from earth star chakra to stella gateway chakra-

Since 2017
Created by Angel Julie

ExampleAwakening course

Copyright(c) JULIE/Angel Julie

Copyright(c) JULIE/Angel Julie
Copyright(c) JULIE/Angel Julie

[clearing, protect, DNA activation] based on the strongest power stone azetsulite and lemurian crystal from earth star chakra to stella gateway chakra in Studio Angel Julie.
First of all, I create a sacred space around the aura with six pentagrams, mainly lapis lazuli.
Hexagonal Himalaya crystal on energy Cards of Metatron Cube [clearing] and Flower of Life [activation] on the portrait photo.
When I first started healing, I had this person set up crystals appropriate to the color of each chakra.
However, as this person awakened, the crystals I placed gradually changed.
The result is a healing style using high-frequency crystals.

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