Aura Healing

Aura Healing by Meditation
-Clearing, Activating and Protection-

Since 2017
Created by Angel Julie

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Aura Healing by Meditation
-Clearing, Activating, Adjusting, Protection with crystals powered up by divine love by Archangels.-

・Meditation with the crystal in hand.
・Sit in the crystal grid circle and meditate.
・Remote healing by guided meditation using the portrait photo or the name.

・Body level
・Mental level
・Karma body
・Layers comeeted with ancestors.
・Ether body repair, recovery, activation
・Light body awakening and activation
・Heal the inner Child.
・Fusion of masculinity and femininity.
・Fusion with higher self.
・Guidance to the monad.

Lemurian crystal cluster, Lemurian crystal twin soul quartz, Smoky elestial, Amethyst cluster, Angelite, Celestite, Golden azeztulite, Golden healer, Herkimer diamond, Inca rose, Labradrite, Lapis lazuli, Nirvana quartz.

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