Angel Crystal Healing

Angel Crystal Healing

Angel Julie’s Original healing

Healing that increases the power of stones with the energy of angels is based only on love and truth.
Since 2017, Angel Julie has been working on her own Angel Crystal Healing based on Angel Therapy® learned from Doreen Virtue,Ph.D. and Crystal Healing learned from Ms. Judy Hall on Light Works Study.
Afterwards She earned the Crystal Reader certification by Doreen Virtue & Judith Lukomski in 2020.

I recommend receiving healing energy at a relaxed time, and send you photos and commentary on the crystal grid during healing.

In addition, the following Angel Crystal Healing keeps confidentiality and will not be posted on the Internet at all.


Healing Menu:

Aura Healing by Meditation:
Aura Clearing, Activating, Adjusting, Protection from Body level to monad with crystals powered up by divine love by Archangels.

Copyright(c) Angel julie

Aura protection and Chakra remote healing:
Chakra Clearing, Adjustment, Protection, DNA Activation

Normal course: 7 chakras-from root chakra to crown chakra-
Awakening course:13 chakras -from earth star chakra to stella gateway chakra-

Copyright(c) Angel Julie

Environment Healing:
Land, company and home clearing, activation and protection

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Set menu:

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Copyright(c) JULIE
Copyright(c) JULIE

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