Meditation to purify chakras and experience oneness

Meditation to purify chakras and experience oneness

15th March 2020
Written by Angel Julie

Copyright(c) JULIE/Angel Julie
Painted, photographed, edited by Angel Julie

Get relaxed.

If you’re sitting in a chair, be aware of your feet on the ground.

Turn your palm up.

Turn your shoulders and relax your shoulders.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath slowly.

Now concentrate your consciousness at this moment.

Ask the high-dimensional beings your protection.

You are protected.

Next, the light of the golden god comes down from heaven above you.

The golden light goes into your body from above and purifies.

From overhead to face, from chin to neck From neck to shoulders, both arms to fingertips.

Purifies organs and all kinds of cells in your body.

The golden light goes down while purifying your body.

From thighs to calves and legs.

This time, the golden light purifies not only your body, but all the cells of the aura that surround it.

Now you are a glowing sphere of gold.

The golden light then travels from your toes to the Earth’s core.

Sacred golden light shines in a cave in the earth’s core.

And the sacred golden light spreads steadily, Everything is purified under the law of grace and the source of the supreme good.

The golden light illuminates every part of the earth, all living things, to lead to true happiness.

All of the earth is shining with the sacred golden light.

Then the golden light rises from your feet to the calves and thighs.

Golden light enters the root chakra at the base of the spine,
It is purified and the red sphere is spinning beautifully.

What you need is available at holy timing.

You are always satisfied without inconvenience.

You are protected.

And the root chakra governs important physical identities related to life.

At this moment release physical identity for toward the supreme identity.

Next, the golden light enters the sacral chakra under the navel.

Purified by sacred light, the orange sphere is spinning regularly.

If you have negative emotions, let go.

You can notice and express emotions that you did not notice yourself.

You are complete.

The sacral chakra governs the emotional identity expressed in the manifest consciousness here.

Let go of the emotional identity to go deeper.

Next, the golden light enters the solar plexus chakra in the valley.

Purified, the yellow sphere is spinning.

You hear your heart and know what you need to know.

The solar plexus chakra governs the identity of the ego here.

What you are is defined by the manifest consciousness here.

Let go of the ego identity to go deeper into intelligence and consciousness.

Next, the golden light enters the heart chakra on the chest.

A beautiful sphere of emerald green is rotating.

You can receive and give love by feeling God’s love.

The heart chakra governs social identity here.

Let go of the the obsession to your personality that is a social recognition desire to be accepted and loved at this moment.

Next, golden light enters the throat chakra in the throat and is purified and adjusted.

The throat chakra is a blue sphere.

You will feel the love of God and be able to express the words of your heart.

You can communicate with love.

The throat chakra governs creative identity here.

Creative identity is about expressing yourself.

To reach a deeper consciousness overlooking these, let go of your creative identity at this moment.

The sacred golden light then enters the third eye chakra between the eyebrows.

Third Eye Chakra is a dark blue sphere.

You see only the good. You watch only the love of God.

The third eye chakra governs the primitive identity here.

We sometimes identify ourselves by superimposing ourselves on Jung’s archetypes (Greek myths, stories, etc.).

We define who we are.

At this moment, let go of the primitive identity to view of this deeper.

Golden light enters the crown chakra that leads to the spiritual world above you.
The crown chakra is a purple sphere.

You get only the good and receive the love of the wisdom of the universe.

You released physical identity, emotional identity, ego identity, social identity, creative identity, primitive identity in this meditation.

And finally, the crown chakra governs the wisdom of the universe, the supreme identity.

Here is the source.

Imagine melting your consciousness into the universe.

Your consciousness extends to the whole universe, the infinite realm of creation, God.

There is only light and love here.

You are light.

You are love


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