Pray for relief from typhoon damage in Bahamas

Title:Pray for relief from typhoon damage in Bahamas
on 18th Jun. 2020
Created by Angel Julie

Copyright(c) JULIE/ Angel Jullie
Copyright(c) JULIE/Angel Julie

Remote Healing.
I pray for relief from typhoon damage in Bahamas.
I do healing [Clearing, Protection and Activation] from only on love and truth.
Thanks for the law of sacred grace.

First I placed Smoky elestial on the map Bahamas.
Then, intuitively place the crystal clockwise.
Amethyst cluster,Inca rose,Lapis lazuli,Aventurine, Amethyst,Rose quartz, Labradrite,Golden azeztulite, azeztulite.

In my head, I imagined purple and white, the colors of clearing, activation and protection, royal blue of the heavens as protection, platinum gold as Christ consciousness, pink and rainbow colors of love.
I also asked them angels.


I prayed.

I imagine the light of healing reaching the people living in Bahamas and all God’s creatures and Bahams that need it.
I imagine a scene people living in Bahamas, all God’s creatures and Bahamas are healed and in their perfect condition without missing parts.

Thanks healing angel and presence of grace for wrapping those who live in Bahamas and all God’s creatures and Bahamas in healing light.
Under the law of grace and for supreme good.

Love and Peace♡

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