Rosarium of Philosophers-Alchemists -The Book of Angels by Angel Julie

Rosarium of Philosophers-Alchemists -The Book of Angels by Angel Julie

Copyright(c) JULIE

The Book of Angels 天使の書 since 2017

Angel Crystal Art
Title:Pray for peace
Since 10th Jun. 2020
Created by Angel Julie

Copyright(c) JULIE/ Angel Julie
Pray for peace.
Pray for the earth and all God’s creatures.
Thanks for the law of sacred grace.
Love and Peace♡

Since 2017, Angel Julie has been working on her own Angel Crystal Healing based on Angel Therapy® learned from Doreen Virtue,Ph.D. and Crystal Healing learned from Ms. Judy Hall on Light Works Study.
In addition, she has earned Crystal Reader and Angel Intuitive ™ qualifications in 2020.
The grid with the main prayer [I think this is the work as an earth angel] in Angel Crystal Healing is named Angel Crystal Art and has been published as an art work.
-Excludes requests and confidential information such as personal sessions-

I announce the Crystal Grid as a work of art.
Because the process of embodying the inspiration coming from my subconsciousness is art itself, and I realize that just watching images and videos of crystals has a healing effect and raises the vibrations.
(How to receive varies by person and there are individual differences)

Also, I am guided to do all the healing I do for free.
My concept has been ‘Relief and Rebirth of the Soul’ since 2000.
Angel Julie’s own Angel Crystal Healing from only on love and truth.

I would be happy to be of any service to you

Love & Peace♡

Angel Crystal Artist Angel Julie -Earth Angel-
March 2017

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