The consideration of Ascension in Art from the Viewpoint of Painter and Angel Crystal Healer.

First of all
Here is my artist statement:

Quote from my artist statement
About true creation
I think that true creation in picture production is something that goes through the process of production that embodies the inspiration and the image that floats in the mind.
Also, true creation is emitted from the energy of divine love.

About Creation in Ascended State
Because creation in the ascended state originates from the energy of divine love, it respects each other’s souls, and no one is hurt or sacrificed.

Art is an expression of one’s own soul.
The soul is energy, and creation is the realization of that energy. That is, it is an expression of one’s own soul.
In other words, to live the true self = Ascension.
(To live the true self means to listen to the voice of the soul (higher self), to accept the self, to live in love = Ascension)
Art is unique and precious only because each soul expresses each
I interpret.

About the creation of art in the recent art scene
There are two major trends in the creation of art in the recent art scene.
One is to follow the process of production that tries to express its own soul with time and effort, and to try to express its own soul faithfully.
The other is that, under the claim that art is imitation, it tries to imitate or partially modify another person’s work and incorporate it into his own work without following the process of production.

The former is creation in an ascended state, and creation of true art.
The latter comes from the idea of ​​true love emanating from the ego, which is far from the expression of one’s soul = true art.

Looking at the latter as an angel crystal healer
From the perspective of energy,
The act of diverting another person’s expression is a state in which the ether code is extended to the writer and energy is absorbed.
The ether code is a negative code, so if you are sucking energy you will have to repair the aura if it is damaged, and if it’s awful, its effects can extend to the body.

Also, those who are sucked out will have negative feelings of hate towards the other person = psychic attack, and they will become dumb.
Both are not in good condition.

In order to get inspiration, the sense that would normally be inward is outward rather than inward.
From the energy point of view, it can be said that the inner child is trapped in the dark without being able to ground.
Inner Child = Your voice is never expressed itself, so your mind will never be filled.
Then he becomes starved and tries to suck energy from others.
It is a negative spiral.

How to cut this off
Listen to your voice, do what you really want to do, and express your true self.
To make it easy to hear your voice, you have to let go of the ego. In other words, ascension.
In this case, the solution to the energy requires the release and protection of the psychic attack.

This not only does not respect other artists or their works, but also does not respect itself by producing it in a way that does not follow such a simple method = production process.
That is because if you respect and cherish yourself, you will not create it from the outside but will create an introspection of yourself.
Introspecting yourself is to look at yourself firmly. And it is a true artist who expresses it.
Clearly, it is not true creation to divert from others without spending time and effort for making.

What is the development of art?
The people are driven into pain, and the art created on them leads to decline rather than development.
It is not an art. It can be said that it is an illusion created by ego and self-revealing desire.
The reason is that similar expressions are widespread and cause satiety on the viewing side and become unattractive.
With true art, no one is unhappy.
In other words, true art is considered to be produced by the energy of true creation.
In order to produce with the energy of true creation, it means not to go outside but to face the original oneself.
There is no need for ego, self-revealing desire, superiority or inferiority.

The art of ideal is created from the energy of divine love.
It makes everyone happy, is a salvation, expression and love of the soul.

27th Mar. 2019

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