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At the age of five, Angel Julie started learning organs and at the age of seven she began learning piano.
She has been playing the piano for about 20 years, becoming a piano teacher in her teens.
Graduated from a junior college piano major.

She started playing in a band when she was 15 years old, but in a year she was frustrated and changed to a drummer, but she love for guitars remained the same.

Played drums in a copy band of hard rock and heavy metal bands, including Queen, Rainbow and Iron Maiden, etc.
For the first time at the age of 18, she heard Yngwie Malmsteen‘s guitar sounds from the radio and loved at first listening.
She was fascinated by the world of beautiful and sublime sounds.
Since then Angel Julie has loved and respected Yngwie Malmsteen.

After that, when she realized her dream of becoming a painter, she resumed playing the guitar she wanted to do most.
Since 2012, she has released her original songs and since 2013 has been a soloist as a guitarist.

In addition to guitarist, Angel Julie also does the following work.
・Pro Fine Art Photographer
(1X awarded photographer)
・Rosarium of Philosophers owner
(Label, Gallery, Online shop)

・About Rosarium of Philosophers official:
Indie label [independent label], gallery, private[music]studio.
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Photo by Syuutaro K
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Fine Art Photographer Angel Julie BIO [also as an oil painter]

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