Hi, I am Angel Julie🎸🔥🥳
What’s up?
Guess what the numbers of followers of Instagram was beyond 10K,
I really thank you.
I am so happy🥳🎸🔥

I would say It’s very important to keep trying, such as practicing guitar 🎸,
I will continue to devote myself to it every day

By the way the top countries of my followers are
First place is the United States
2nd place Brazill.
3rd UK.
4th Italy.
5th place Argentina.
That’s all.
That’s why I will use in English on sns and website mainly
However all languages are OK in the comment section🤗
See you later🎸🎸🎸🥳🔥

Since the number of followers is unstable, it is about 10,000 followers.
Recently 9,992 – 10,001 followers🎸
But already I got many followers🥰🙏
So thank you so much for following my Instagram account🤗🙏🥰🎸🥳🥳🥳💕🎸

PS 2
Recently, I have been receiving booking business emails (mainly from L A.)frequently.
I’ve been preparing with daily rehabilitation so that I can say OK to those bookings.

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