Terms of service

Terms of service

About Download sales of Photographs:
All Photographs: Copyright©JULIE All rights reserved.
Also The copyright of all works (music, art, photographs) belongs to the author.

We assume that you have agreed to the terms of service at the time of settlement.
If you do not agree to the terms of service, you can not purchase.

Terms of service (About Download sales of Photographs)
・The copyright belongs to the author.

・Commercial use unavailable (If you wish to use for commercial use, please inform us by email the name (company name) and details of the purpose of use.)
・ Required: Specify ‘copyright © JULIE/Studio Angel Julie
・Number of uses: Once only ok
・Partial processing possible: resizable (Prohibition of aspect ratio change), No trimming, letters can not be inserted, retouching is impossible (processing such as color and contrast is impossible, etc.), Prohibition of synthetic processing (It is prohibited to process it into illustrations or photographs made for homebrew or commercial use), No trace.
・Prohibition of copyright infringement actions
・Secondary distribution prohibition:
We will prohibit sales to the third party as photographic materials, commercialization, rental, free distribution, and transmission of photographic materials.
・If it falls under the following, it will be unusable.
Usage of cheating survey / detective / adult / sexual depiction / sexual depiction / religion / drugs / strikes / demonstrations / repulsion groups / drug / night service / violence / portrait only use of dating, etc.

If you violate the above, you must pay penalty.

About Art(painting)work, Photography, various prints, other products Art(painting)work:
All works are free shipping.
Other items: Extra shipping costs will be charged.
The copyright of all works and goods belongs to the author.
The following acts are prohibited.
· Prohibition of all acts corresponding to copyright infringement Including the following unauthorized use When it falls under the following, it is prohibited.
Invitation search / Detective / Adult / Sexual depiction / Religion / Drug / Strike / Demo / Repulsion Organization / Drug / Night Service / Violence / Portrait Only use of dating, hunting, etc. is prohibited.
· Secondary distribution prohibition:
We will prohibit sending as image materials to third parties, commercialization, rental, free distribution, transmission of images as materials.
· Imitation, plagiarism, something very closely resembling

If applicable to the above, compensation will be made.

For both photographic work and picture work, trace the whole work or a part of it, or process it by copying, etc., and incorporate it into a product or your own work (in the case of own work, it is prohibited to sell it or study it on the Internet or public places) Is prohibited.

We also prohibit all acts of slandering, satire and social rating on the subject.

If the above conditions apply, we will make a claim for compensation (in some cases, a claim for compensation).
In addition, you have to pay a fine according to the claim for compensation (including a reward).


Unauthorized copying and replication of the contents of this site, text and images are strictly prohibited.
In addition, quotation to the summary site such as NAVER summary is strictly prohibited.

If you violate the above, you must pay penalty.