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Self portrait
Portrait of a photographer/videographer shooting with the eyes of the heart under Altered state of consciousness.
Portrait seen from the scene of the heart.
I overlook me.
The world of the mind is embodied in the real world, and the two worlds are integrated.
And I will be me.
so I am what I am.

Love and Peace
Copyright(c) JULIE

Angel Crystal Artist

Angel Crystal Healer
・Crystal Reader
・Angel Intuitive™ (Angel Therapist)



Doreen Virtue & Judith Lukomski Certified
・Certified Crystal Reader

Doreen Virtue,Ph.D. Certified
・Angel Intuitive(AI)™

Kyle Gray Certified
・Connecting with the Angels Made Easy Online Course

Anodea Judith Certified
・Chakras Made Easy Online Course

Lightworks certified
Judy Hall 21 Days to Begin Working with Crystals
Judy Hall Introduction to Crystals Online Video Course
Advance Angel Therapy®
Angel Healing
Brian Weiss Past life online course Mirrors of Time:Your Past Lives

Copyright(c) JULIE

Angel Crystal Art [Healing] since 2017-

Healing that increases the power of stones with the energy of angels is based only on love and truth.

Angel Julie has met Jung’s psychology since she was a teenager, and read and study Jung’s books on dream analysis, archetypes, alchemy, etc.
The theme of her life “Relief and Rebirth of the Soul” comes from these studies.

Since 2017, Angel Julie has been working on her own Angel Crystal Healing based on Angel Therapy® learned from Doreen Virtue,Ph.D. and Crystal Healing learned from Ms. Judy Hall on Light Works Study.
Afterwards She earned the Crystal Reader certification by Doreen Virtue & Judith Lukomski and Angel Intuitive™ Doreen Virtue,Ph.D. by in 2020.
The grid with the main prayer [I think this is the work as an earth angel.] in Angel Crystal Healing is named Angel Crystal Art and has been published as an art work.
-Excludes requests and confidential information such as personal sessions-

Also, all the healing I do is healing from light, love and service..
My concept has been ‘Relief and Rebirth of the Soul’ since 2000.
Angel Julie’s own Angel Crystal Healing from only on love and truth.

Interview of Angel Julie has been posted on the Light works Study website that I learned.
see the Interview[Japanese]

Origin of the name
I was mentally unstable due to the high stress of mental distress and the damage was so bad that in 2015 I paroxysmally deleted my website which I had created since 2003.
From that time on, I began to hear voices from the spirits of various waves.
From negative to high.
I am very sensitive by nature.
Moreover, especially when I started hearing low-frequency voices, the voices made me feel very painful, scary, scarcely able to eat and sleep enough.
In addition, I began to see images that were different from reality.

One day, a spirit guide told me my name was Angel Julie.
Because I regretted that I had a paroxysmal removal of the website, I was guided to get the domain and use Artist name Angel Julie by the spirit guide.
I have decided to believe in that spirit guide and I have been working as Angel Julie since 2016.
At the same time, I changed the name of Gallery which I run from Gallery Phenomena to Studio Angel Julie.

After that, I learned angel therapy and crystal healing by guidance, and now I am protected by guardian angel and archangel Michael and crystals, I can no longer hear the low frequency voice, I can live safely.
I am very grateful to my higher self, Archangel Michael, the Guardian Angels and others who are high vibrations, another me and all the people who helped me.

Copyright(c) JULIE/Angel Julie

How I started Angel Therapy and Crystal Healing

At one point, I began to hear various undulating voices in my head, and I began to suffer from negative voices in particular.
Then I learned the importance of clearing and protection, and started self-taught energy work.
But it was not pure energy due to the work of the negative energy voice.
I was in trouble and was looking for a way to do it with perfect and clear energy.
At that time, I heard voice of the spirit that seemed to exist in higher dimensions, and I was guided to see Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.’s website and Light works study website.
There, I met “Angel Therapy” with higher energy and “Crystal Healing” with stable vibration.
As a result, the voices by nagative spirits disappeared by clearing, healing, and protecting.
Now I am very grateful for that spirit and everything that helped me.

Learning at Light works study
The first course I learned with Light works study was “Advanced Angel Therapy”. In that course, I learned the basics of energy work and started to practice chakra clearing, shielding and protection every day.
This worked for me.

After that, as I took the Crystal course, I learned about the types and characteristics of crystals and incorporated crystal healing into my daily work.
In the method of spreading the crystal light of each of the 16 archangels and having them come to the side, I felt that the purification effect was very simple just by making a circle of 16 crystals and sitting in it and meditating.

In addition to clearing the chakras, I started crystal healing by asking self-taught DNA activation and aura healing including karma clearing by asking angels to power up the crystal with higher energy.

Applying what I learned in the course of the crystal, clearing karma and healing up to the monad, I select and use multiple rough crystals while listening to the voice of my soul.

Encounter with Crystal
In the online course ‘Advanced Angel Therapy’, there is a place where 16 archangels are imaged with crystal light and called.
Just affirming in that situation was very refreshing and led to purification.
That’s why I started using real crystals instead of just images.
Also, when it is difficult to imagine a color, using a crystal has made it easier to visualize.

Changes in my healing style
Until I took the Crystal course, I was doing angel therapy for chakra clearing, shielding, and protection,
After attending, I changed to a method that combines angel therapy and crystal.
I read some books written by Doreen Virtue,Ph.D. and ask angels to power up the crystal with the energy of God’s light and love before working.
I really like the crystal because the waves are stable and healing is always possible.

Creative way of life
I think that a creative way of life is also an expression of myself.
Also, the process of creation and production from nothing is very important.
From a creative perspective, that is personality.
And I always think that I value myself.
Since I have been purifying, I ask myself what I do based on love and truth, otherwise purify.
I value them.

I think
I am interested in the transformation of the Earth from collective unconsciousness to cosmic consciousness as the Earth’s waves are rising.
As people’s vibrations are rising, I hope that those who are not interested in spirituality will also know the importance of protection.
I think that the era of doing energy work as usual will come in the future.

To everyone
Crystals can be very healing just by looking at them, and they can always be healed and protected if worn as accessories.
Also, even if you are not interested in energy work at all or are not psychic at all, you may encounter various energies ranging from negative to higher in the future.
In preparation for that, I think crystals will be very useful.

Angel Julie
Jun. 2018

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