Fine Art Photographer JULIE


Fine Art Photographer
turned from oil painter to fine art photographer in 2018.
The concept is ‘Relief and Reproduction of a Soul’ .

On the concept2000 – 2016, Chapter 1 Alchemy: Darkness of the mind – Transformation – Awakening: Painting works expressed by oil painting with surrealism technique in the mind’s eye from Depths, Transformation, to the divine unity that is awakening, were announced at home and abroad.

From 2018 onwards, JULIE is publishing fine art photography works with monochrome as the main chapter based on the concept “feel the light(divine love)” in Chapter 2.
Light refers to the energy of God’s light and love.
Also, The Ascension series (photographed and painted and edited by JULIE) expresses Julie’s unique world created by combining her own oil paintings and her own photographs.all

camera:Canon EOS Kiss X5, OLYMPUS E-PL6



Self-Portrait Photographed on 10th Sep. 2018


・Member of the French National Chagall Bible Art Museum Friendship Association / 2019

・Pro member of 1X


Group Exhibitions
XXI Salon de Invierno – Barcelona [Spain]

Solo Exhibitions
JULIE Photo Exhibition -Monochrome Vo.2- (Studio Angel Julie)
JULIE permanent Photo Exhibition(Studio Angel Julie)
JULIE web Photo Exhibition -Harbor-
JULIE web Photo Exhibition -Michigan Cruise-
JULIE web Photo Exhibition -Santa Maria Day Cruise-
JULIE web Photo Exhibition -Akashi-
JULIE web Photo Exhibition -Nagahama-
JULIE Photo Exhibition -Monochrome Vo.2- (Studio Angel Julie)
JULIE Photo Exhibition -Monochrome Vo.1- (Studio Angel Julie)


JULIE Photo Collection Monochrome: Harbor (English Edition) Kindle Edition

JULIE Photo Collection Monochrome: Nagahama (English Edition) Kindle Edition
Sep. 2018


・All photographs of Angel Julie Art Collection “Ascension -Soul of Locus” Kindle store

・All photoraphs of Angel Julie/Julie Kitamura’s oil paintings.
・Photographs of Studio Angel Julie from Sep. 2018

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