ART Artist Statement


Artist statement

About true creation

I think true creation in painting production has processes of the production process of inspiration, embodying the image that emerged in the mind’s eye.
True creation is also derived from the energy of divine love.

In the first chapter,
By focussing collectively and unconsciously, not the universe consciousness or the divine love energy,
Trying to salvage and regenerate the soul in a way to activate collective consciousness.

The second chapter only creates by simply feeling the energy of divine love.


‘Relief and Reproduction of a Soul’

Chapter One: Oil Painting [from Darkness to Awakening as an alchemist of Art.]

2000-2016, Art works of expressions by oil painting with surrealism technique in the mind’s eye from Depths, Transformation, to the divine unity that is awakening,

Chapter II: Fine Art Photography[Feel the light(divine love)]

From 2018 onwards, JULIE is publishing fine art photography works with monochrome as the main chapter based on the concept “feel the light(divine love)” in Chapter 2.
Light refers to the energy of God’s light and love.
Also, The Ascension series (all photographed and painted and edited by JULIE) expresses Julie’s unique world created by combining her own oil paintings and her own photographs.



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